What makes YOU happy?


What is Happy?

There is a very big difference between “having what you want” and “wanting what you have”. The secret to being truly happy is knowing the difference.

I am a minimalist and prefer quality over quantity. Life is a journey and every moment of it is a gift. Whatever energy you put out into the universe, be it good or bad, will be returned to you ten-fold. Visualize your dreams because they are the window to your soul and you will only find true happiness if you “listen” to your soul. Live “today” and treasure everything you “get to do”.


Welcome to Happy in Belize

This website is my opportunity to share with you just a small little slice of my life and my interests.


Everyone loves to share a great meal with wonderful friends and family!

I will be sharing with you my favourite recipes and I invite you to share your favourite recipes with me.

I will also be sharing restaurant reviews of my favourite places to eat. If the food is good and service is great then, and only then, will that restaurant will earn a place on this website’s restaurant reviews.

Fashion and Beauty

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Fashion and Beauty. I was trained and worked as a model in the 80’s (Yes I really am that old!) and I even had the honour of being a finalist in the Miss Manitoba pageant when I was in my early 20’s. This training came in very handy over the years because it takes conscious effort to stay young in body, mind and spirit. I will be sharing with you lots of fashion and beauty information and tips¬†that I have learned over the years.


The minimalist lifestyle is a path to freedom. “Things” are a burden that tie you down, have to be maintained and insured, and take up way more space in your life than just their physical dimensions.

I will be sharing with you some of the joys of living a minimalist lifestyle and how I have been able to realize my lifelong dream to travel the world.


This is where we get to get to know each other better. I will be adding posts on a regular basis but I will not be tied down to a concrete regular schedule. If there is a gap between posts it is because I’m living my life and loving it.


Please feel free to send me a quick note anytime whether it is just to say hello, to offer your favourite recipe or to comment on items of interest. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

Leona 2016-12-31

My name is Leona. I was raised on a small grain farm near a small town in Southwestern Manitoba, Canada. I moved to the city to go to college and then got married and had 4 wonderful children. The kids are all grown up and now I live on an island in the Caribbean with my sole mate, Rick.

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